Removable Media - Risks

Taking a look at the risks with removable media

Removable Media Security



Removable devices are still in widespread despite the increasing use of cloud-based and other file sharing and online collaboration services.

Consider their;

Physical Security

Unidentified devices

Understanding their risk

Company standards for their use


USB Drive


Some of the risks

Physical Security. Removable media can be handled carelessly and is easily stolen or lost. Employees should understand that these devices must be used carefully and never left unattended unless they are locked away securely.

Virus Infected USB Drive. For some time, one of the most popular and easily implemented attacks is to leave a USB device on a desk, in the company car park, anywhere that there is passing human traffic. The natural human reaction is to pick it up usually. Typically an unsuspecting employee could insert it in a company computer to see what it contains. Once connected, a virus can infect that device and spread to any other computer across the business network without adequate technical protection.

Other risks. Not only USB drives present risks. There are identifiable risks where cybercriminals have modified simple USB or power charging cables to contain malware. It’s the same effect, a straightforward method to infect company devices and the network.

The risk of using Removable Media is relatively apparent, and we don’t suggest that any business should not use a USB where it is convenient to do so. We do recommend that everyone in a company be fully aware of the risk and their responsibility to manage Removable media sensibly and within the standards laid out by the business.

It starts with employee education.


How can you secure the data on Removable Media?

Educate your team about the safe use of removable media and being accountable for media security. Developing a security culture within your business is less likely that simple human errors will happen and lead to data breaches.

Every business should have a policy statement that outlines the use of removable media with the company, and team members need to be made aware of and commit to its application.

Undertaking Cyber Security Awareness Training to educate team members is the most effective method to show the risk.

Visit our Cyber Security Awareness Training section on this website to read more about the benefits of developing a security culture in your business.




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