Cybersecurity and Physical Security are linked

Both disciplines are highly connected. We look at how they are linked.

Physical Security

Physical security of your workspace should be an essential consideration. It’s easy to consider all the technical and other IT issues, but they are no defence in the case of lack of physical security


Every company should have a strong password and multi-factor authentication to access business systems. However, if an unauthorised person can walk into the office or premises and pick up a sensitive document from a desk or filing system, the remaining security factors have become irrelevant.


Training your staff and employees in physical security awareness is an essential part of identifying and mitigating threats. Day-to-day operations mustn’t be compromised by overlooking physical security in your business.


If your business is office-based, everyone is going to enter through an office door. “Tailgating” is an example of a physical security threat. An unauthorised person may excuse a staff member to need an entry for various and seemingly valid reasons. The staff member allows them access, or they may follow the staff member through the door. Staff need to be aware of this technique and challenge individuals where they are unknown actors.


All team members should also be aware of security levels required in various parts of the business and security of documents and any other confidential items. These should be locked securely and accounted for whenever not in use.

Door Ebtry

What action can you take?


> Create a security culture within your business.

> Raise awareness with your employees.

> Conduct a risk assessment for secure areas and other confidential material.

> Publish your security standard to all employees.

> Have procedures for visitors that staff follow.

> Ensure new staff (permanent or temporary) and visitors have an induction session on arrival and before they work around the site.

> Install security systems that are reliable and conform to the standards recognized by SSAIB and NSI.




Physical Security - It's a must have

Physical security in your office and premises is an absolute must. Our service experts can help you achieve physical security for your business through best practices and high-quality digital security systems.