GDPR Cyber Security

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GDPR Cyber Security Regulation

Does it affect you?

If you either run a business (or a charity or an association/club) or you work for one, you are at least to some extent responsible for data protection.

If you process personal data in an automated way or even as part of some kind of manual record system, you again are responsible to some extent.

GDPR doesn’t affect you if the processing of personal data is part of domestic activity.

If you are a supplier of goods or services within the UK or EU or you monitor the behaviour  of data activities within this geographical area such as using tracking cookies on your website, the GDPR applies to you.

Business Size and GDPR:

The size or your business/association or charity is irrelevant and even if you consider your business is too small, that’s an incorrect assumption to make. Some exemptions do exist and some people confuse this with an absolute exception. You should check with your legal advisor first.

GDPR Compliance:

The regulations are clear, and there is no room for different interpretations or slightly bending the rules. If you do, you risk fines and you must still apply the rules even if your competitors are not compliant. Authorities are increasingly more responsive to complaints. If you are investigated and fail compliance audit, the police have a significant range of sanctions that can be applied.

Following a complaint and investigation, you should not assume the worst. If you demonstrate you are moving to become compliant and cooperate with the investigation, you may be able to avoid a fine.

If you choose to simply ignore the GDPR, the authorities will likely apply the full might of sanctions available to them.

Compliance through investment:

GDPR is something else to understand, even though businesses are very busy with day to day operations. However, it is both essential and necessary to learn about GDPR compliance and follow it up with correct implementation.

By having the correct documentation and procedures together with competent knowledge, you will easily handle any complaints, avoid fines, satisfy regulatory investigations and develop more customer loyalty.

Do people care about GDPR?

Don’t assume that your customers and trading partners don’t care about your compliance with GDPR.

Public awareness is continuing to increase about GDPR compliance. It is continually mentioned in popular media channels when we hear about data breaches and the details of data thefts.

If you demonstrate your compliance with GDPR, your business will gain more customers and your reputation with other business partners will be higher. Who doesn’t want to grow their business?



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