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Defend against email threats to your business

Email Security – It Is A Must Have

How good is your email security?

Every business relies on email as a primary means of communication. It is essential that email security is at the forefront of business security strategy. However, email remains the number one vehicle for cyber attacks. More than ninety percent of attacks made by cybercriminals is via email. The most common and well-known email threats are malware and phishing. You need to deploy a protection service that can prevent known email-borne threats but also new and emerging threats that many other email services cannot identify.

Spam Email

The cost of spam email is more expensive than many companies think. Time is lost by employees trawling through and deleting spam emails. Malicious attachments and links increase email security threats.


Phishing imposters attack by using fraudulent email addresses or impersonate trusted contacts. Their aim is usually to obtain confidential information that can be used or sold to other cybercriminals.


Malware email attachments contain code exploits that can make your device download more malware from malicious websites. The malware landscape is continually evolving so you need top-quality defense.


A ransomware attack allows hackers to access confidential data and systems by encrypting them or blocking access. They demand a ransom is paid in order to regain access. Payment usually fails and the systems remain locked.

Our Email Security services help by


Detecting Phishing and Imposter Email:

We can intercept and destroy threats before they reach your inbox. Using secured cloud platform is the most effective way to protect your email system. There is no need to worry about updating security on a mail server located at your premises or a cloud based mail server that may be part of your hosting package. Often these are not kept up to date and even if they are, threats emerge faster than protection can be put in place. We use an advanced machine learning technology capable of accurately classifying email and detecting threats that don’t involve malware. It includes phishing for confidential information and emails that are sent by imposters.

Blocking Malicious and Unwanted Email:

Multiple detection techniques are used to defend and block the ever changing email threat landscape. You may have heard about signature-based detection. This is part of our standard strategy and block all known virus, trojan horse and ransomware threats. We analyse IP addresses of the email source and using dynamic reputation analysis, can calculate whether to block or accept email connections. The email classification system has capability to categorise email and save in quarantine emails that are considered imposter-driven, spam, malware, phishing bulk email and adult content. This allows you to review quarantine email by category. Its the first point of protection by identifying malicious mail activity.

Email Encryption and Data Loss Prevention:

You can complete your email protection by using military-grade email encryption and data loss prevention with a 30 day reserve storage capability. If you have deleted an email by mistake, it can be retrieved during a 30 day safety window. After that it is permanently deleted to avoid over storage of mails that are no longer required. Email encryption is the 256 AES-bit level more commonly known as military grade and is unbreakable. Confidential and personal information within the email is completely protected with zero risk of compromise.

There is more you can do

Be in control of your email communications and don’t leave anything to chance. You could fall foul of General Data Protection Regulations.

Protect against other risks and build the complete security culture within your business. You can mitigate the risks.



Cyber Security Training

Nearly every email compromise starts with a human activity that unconsciously unlocks the door to your business “castle”. You should train your team to recognize the risks.

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Managed IT Security

Managed IT Security

Combine email security services with our Managed IT Services and achieve your target with the best technology-based defense.

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Cyber Essentials Scheme

Cyber Essentials

Get UK government backed Cyber Essentials Certification.

Email Security - Its a must have

Secure email communications are an absolute must and many business also need the need for email encryption as well. Our service experts can help you achieve email security for your business.