Don't become the next victim.

Cyber Threats and Risk

Cyber Threats and Risk are a real problem that faces everyone and every business.

We still hear business owners and managers saying “We are too small as a business, it doesn’t really affect us”. Some are convinced that you can load a branded software program, and “hey presto” you are protected from the bad guys. While that may some way to real protection and mitigation of threats and risk, software and technology takes you only so far. It fails to address the human factor  and mistakes that some individuals may make if they are not fully aware of their actions.

We continually evaluate the current “cyber threat and risk” landscape so we are able to offer our clients the best solution and fit for their business.

Human risk can be reduced by in depth cyber security awareness training program

Technical risk and it’s associated threats can be avoided with a comprehensive managed it security service

A quick glance at six of the most common threats and risk to your business. Most people have heard or read about them in popular media, but stop and think.

– If they happened in your business, would you know what to do?

– Do you have a plan that’s been practiced and is up to date?

– Is your IT provider able to deliver full disaster recovery?

– If compromised how quickly could you recover and continue?

– Could you recover without any long term consequences?

Business strees caused by cyber threats


A real problem in recent years, this is still one of the most common. Malware delivered to your pc usually lock your data and displays payment demands.


This threat involves tricking the user into clicking on dangerous links typically sent to you by email. A fake website then captures your personal data and details.

Password attacks

A hacker runs software that usually systematically tries to guess your password using dictionary words or brute force by more complex combinations.

Denial Of Service

The criminal floods your systems and/or website with unusually high volumes of data. The attack is launched through compromised devices It will bring down the affected website and systems.

Social Engineering

Stealing your digital profile and identity is horrendous; because your confidential data is open to criminal exploitation. Its a complex and hard attack to recover from often taking a lot of time.

Unpatched Software

You need to keep up to date with software from Microsoft, Oracle, Adobe Reader, Adobe Flash to name a few. Dont bring your organisation down by ignoring the threats this poses.

Cyber Attacks


These are a few of the more common threats and attacks that you might have read or heard about. But it is not the full picture and criminals continue to develop complex and clever methods to attack us.

They are developing new attack techniques and exploits every single day, even when you are asleep.

Remember there is no single “silver bullet” solution that can address every cyber threat. Its not just some software that will help. The best protection is both technical (hardware and software) and how we use our technology plus our own knowledge and awareness (human).

Threats and Risks need your serious attention now.

If you have been lucky so far and have not been hacked, had confidential data stolen or suffered the loss of a critical business system, you are in a good space. However, you need to stay there. At Electric Spider, we are a proactive team and its always a great time to review your defences. Why not have them reviewed and upgraded wherever needed?.