Develop your security culture with a human firewall

Cyber Security Training

Cyber Security Training is the most effective method to raise the knowledge and awareness of Cyber-Security issues within your business. Our program is interactive and not “old-school” point and click. Training is conducted in short, bite-sized courses with video and interactive content. Comprehensive development reporting for your staff so you can see how well you are reducing your cyber risk and building your own cyber resilience culture.

Starting by conducting a pre-course assessment, you will know how knowledgeable your current staff are. Cyber-Security Training is modular and supported by a planning program. At the end of each module, there is a short questionnaire to test the participant’s knowledge. If staff need to learn a module again, it’s simple to rerun.

It’s a great way to raise skills and awareness as well as being able to form part of staff continuous improvement programmes.

Courses material and content has been written by leading global cyber-security experts with continuous updates so as the threat “landscape” changes, learning content does too.

You don’t need to live with avoidable cyber-security risk. Cyber-security awareness training should be part of every organisation’s culture.

Build your business security cyber-security awareness culture and make a human firewall. Over 50% of compromised systems are a result of human behaviour. Latest reports indicate that email filters still have an average of 7 – 10% failure rate. With many staff working remotely from home, it makes sense to build a human firewall as part of your business culture.

Staff Awareness

The education program raises your staff’s awareness to cyber-crime and the risks posed to your organisation. Increased personal awareness means staff will take cyber-security much more seriously.

Train Your Staff

This leading training program is written by global cyber experts. Content is professional, engaging and suitable for all employees. The program delivers the correct skills and knowledge for staff to stay compliant and not become a victim of cyber-crime.

Keep Your Staff Vigilant

When you keep your staff vigilant against cyber-crime, you make a difference to their behaviour and ensure they apply the training on a day-to-day basis. Staff will be more confident and can focus on their daily tasks and responsibilities.


Here is a recap of our cyber-security awareness training courses and the benefits which you will see in your business.

Older style training programs are no longer the most effective option.

In today’s fast-moving digital world, your staff are subject to sophisticated cyber-security attacks and, your business may suffer a data breach.

You can train your staff with access to a library of hundreds of modules of cyber-security awareness knowledge, including multiple training resources on work from home scenarios.

After joining our cyber-security awareness training programme;

1. We baseline your staff’s knowledge by using a simulated attack.

2. Implement the training programme which includes interactive modules, videos and scheduled reminder emails

3. Assess your staff awareness levels with further simulated attacks

4. Monitor the results with stats and graphs for both training and phishing results. There is a report that can part of a staff continuous improvement programme.

5. Build on results and make continuous improvements to your staff’s knowledge and awareness.

We regularly discuss how the programme is working for you and make any adjustments that may be appropriate for your business culture.


Don’t forget to support your cybersecurity awareness training with our Managed IT Security Services.

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You have it covered with both Human Firewalls and the technology that supports it.

Build a Human Firewall in your organisation and mitigate your cyber security risk.

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