Business Continuity

Managing business disruption and keeping your business alive

What is Business Continuity?

Business continuity is risk management that addresses the threat of disruptions to business activities or processes.

The procedure is to create and validate, by testing,  plans that ensure an organisation is prepared to respond and recover from potential threats as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

By providing operational levels of service to clients and customers, an organisation preserves reputation, revenue and profitability despite the disruption.

When you have a business continuity plan in place, an organisation can show effective countermeasures to business disruptions. It may result in more competitive insurance premiums plus potentially new client business.

Regulatory Requirements

Increasing amounts of legislation require organisations to demonstrate their ability to withstand threats and disruptions.

An effective business continuity plan is the foundation to satisfy these regulatory demands.

Companies Act 2006 requires company directors to exercise reasonable care, skill and diligence in the discharge of their duties and that includes identifying and mitigating risk to the company.


The difference between business continuity and disaster recovery?

Business continuity is the procedure to operate through a threat and disruption experienced within your organisation. Disaster recovery plans are more detailed and specific technical plans that describe specific, often technical, operations, services, locations or systems. They are part of the broader business continuity plan. General perception usually has both business continuity and disaster recovery as part of the same process, but in reality, they are two separate disciplines that overlap.  


Developing a Business Continuity Plan


Developing a Plan that is going to work for your business can be a challenging process. The current Covid-19 pandemic has a severe impact on business. Many companies and organisations were unprepared for its consequences and had no effective business continuity plan ready to put into action.

Every business has its own culture and operational methods. There is not a one size fits all solution. Each company should consider this, so they are disaster-ready.

Many tools are available that assist with developing your Plan and reliable technologies such as trustworthy backup help to provide the foundations.

Once you have completed your Plan, it is crucial that you make time to test it. You should also ensure that it’s details are kept up to date through internal change management standards.

Please test it and test it again. When a disaster strikes, your business will be ready to respond.


If you haven’t started a plan or are struggling to know where to start, we are ready to start that project journey with you.



Part of business continuity and essential supporting activity is how well you can protect your business and defend against cyber threats.

We provide individually designed IT Security Services that fit how you operate our business. Every business is different. Our Managed IT Services are guaranteed to work your business and work seamlessly with your business operations and recovery from any disasters.

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Our consultants are ready to help you with your Plan. We can write and test it with you and make suggestions to help you have complete peace of mind to know how to manage any future disaster or unforeseen circumstances.