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Electric Spider - Data Protection that makes a difference.

Electric Spider is a leading provider of cybersecurity and globally-recognized interactive cybersecurity training courses.

Cyber Security and Information Security are complex topics applying to every business. Our mission is to deliver the best solution fitting your business operations and culture.

We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all solution. Your solution is designed around our understanding of your business needs and risks.

When you partner with us, we make sure that your IT and cybersecurity has secure, well implemented, and operational IT capability. The way we work means you can get on with your daily activities safe in the knowledge that we are protecting your digital assets.

Our technology partners, recognized as global leaders, have solutions to the latest cyber threats. 

We contribute our knowledge to other business partners in our industry. Sharing our findings contributes to greater knowledge and effective defence against cybercriminal activity.

Electric Spider is a member of UK leading cybersecurity forums.


“IT is not something that needs support on its own. It is important to secure your IT world and digital assets. I believe that IT is an important vehicle to take you along the road to grow your business and its success.”

“To forge a successful partnership with our clients, we take the time to understand their operations and culture. We discuss their concerns and then design a best-fit reliable solution flexible enough to grow with their business changes.”

Keith Barnes MD and Lead Consultant Engineer (Electric Spider)

About Keith Barnes

Keith has been in the IT industry for over thirty years, holding several managerial positions. He has held roles including project manager and department manager. His technical experience spans technical and network consultancy skills. “Way back in the day”, Keith was involved with testing of Windows 95 before commercial release. There is little that he has not seen or experienced with Windows, Linux and Mac as well as vast networking and security experience.

When he needs some downtime you will find him walking his two rescue dogs with his wife or gardening at his allotment in the fabulous countryside around their home in Staffordshire.


What makes us different?


Electric Spider is different from many other IT support companies. Our clients get access to years of commercial and enterprise experience.

One of our fundamental company values is that we don’t use product sales targets. It can lead to selling boxes that may not be the best solution. If we were sales-driven, we would be abandoning our philosophy of client concentric solutions by making them our number one priority.

The knowledge that clients are well protected from the cyber-criminal activity and get the best use of their IT is critical to us.

Our managed services save time for our clients by dealing with time-consuming activity such as software updates and checking the performance of each device.

We have the experience and knowledge to support clients who use any operating system platform and develop the correct security levels for each system.

Our client’s success is the most critical asset we have. Their success drives our success.

We work with all the major platforms such as Microsoft Mac and Linux.

Our engineers “know what makes them tick”. We can help you with whatever your business uses.


Traditionally thought of as a secure operating system but its increase in popularity is attracting the attention of cyber criminals .

Linux Systems

The least common operating system on our desktop computers but the various versions dominate the server market in the Internet world.

Microsoft Windows

There is not much more we can say about it’s presence although it continues to present a number of security flaws which are regularly patched by Microsoft.

Can we help you?

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